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Poster Handle JennOfArc
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This isn't a court of law so if I want to say I think they're mouth breathing bastards I will. And..in fact people have petitioned their legislators to stop these sorts of hunts and they are in fact ILLEGAL in some states. And it's not just for pigeons, canned hunting of zoo animals/pet animals/ etc is illegal too.

Sadly some zoos have to sell animals,(circuses and petting zoos too) and hunting ranches, particularly in TX were purchasing the animals and selling them to their clients to shoot. Most often the animals aren't even let out of the cage. They're simply shot in the cage, and mounted.Hunters who wanted "more sport" had the big cats tied to a FENCE, before being shot.

Reminds me of the country western singer, Montgomery Gentry. He paid someone several thousands dollars to shoot a circus bear named "CUBBY". The bear was raised by people, was totally tame. Jackass filmed himself shooting it, claiming it was a wild bear.

Take a look at the VIDEO HERE
[link to www.liveleak.com]
 Quoting: JennOfArc

Give me a break! If this were 10 years ago and this had been conservatives trying to fly a small drone into some homosexual couples bedroom...to catch illegal (at the time) activity....you would be defending the homosexual couple. Now it is something the left doesn't like...and they think they can erase human rights in favor of "pigeon rights." WRONG!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24011342

Hunting and Canned Hunting are two different things. I'm not a liberal, I'm far from it.

As for homosexuals and flying drones into their bedrooms, kindly keep your fantasies to yourself.
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