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Subject ARKstorm Hitting PNW.....now...More To Come
Poster Handle hunkerin' down
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disregard source...sorry it was the first link i got...

[link to www.theweatherspace.com]

but this is some SHIT, people...i've been trying to share info on the ARKstorms for a couple years now.

"An upper level low is forming south of Alaska, which is keeping intact through the week for major storms to continue to hit the Pacific Northwest in what is known as an 'Atmospheric River scenario', or a river of tropical moisture. (BUT IT'S COMING OUT OF ALASKA...not sure i understand this)

Flooding, thunderstorms, and strong winds will continue to pound the Oregon and Washington areas through this week, with the storm split in various pieces."

now look at the intellicast sat (note the chemclouds heading into mexico off the pacific, wow how obvious can it get!)

[link to www.intellicast.com]

pull it over to the pacific/pnw/west coast.

THAT is what an Atmospheric River looks like.

A film describing the ARkStorm scenario by director, Theo Alexopolous, and DesignMatters, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. The ARkStorm scenario led by the USGS and hundreds of scientists and experts from many disciplines details impacts of a scientifically plausible storm similar to the Great California Storm of 1862 in the modern day. The scenario led to several important scientific advancements and will be used by emergency and resource managers to improve partnerships and emergency preparedness.

The ARkStorm Overview: [link to pubs.usgs.gov]
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