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Message Subject ARKstorm Hitting PNW.....now...More To Come
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it is really coming down now!!!! i mean wtf!!!!
yeah i've lived here a while too and this is heavy even for pdx.

if we're looking at a week of this...and more...i'm curious to know if this is a el nino situation


[link to fox12weather.wordpress.com]

Now, on to the weather:

We have a cold front just offshore this morning, with rain showers ahead of it in the mild airmass. The steady rain with the front will be here in the middle of the day with a break behind the main rain band occurring in the late afternoon and evening. This first system is pretty weak, it’s just “opening the door”…

From Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning, a baroclinic zone (boundary between warm and cool air) sets up right over Oregon and Washington, first mainly over Washington, then sliding well down into Oregon Tuesday. This is an “atmospheric river” event with plenty of moisture to work with; thus a flooding threat depending on where the heaviest rain falls.

[link to www.noaawatch.gov]
The heaviest precipitation will be along coastal regions from Northern California to northern Washington state, where pieces of energy spinning around a closed vortex in the Northeast Pacific will continue to bring surges of moisture into the Pacific Northwest/Northern California.
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