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Message Subject ARKstorm Hitting PNW.....now...More To Come
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The latest update from KOIN.com at 3:44pm PDT.

[link to m.koinlocal6.com]

we are pretty much looking at flooding, I was just out in it and it's basic street flooding right now up to 24" in the southeast Salem Oregon area. Home depot.

All surface streets are clogged with slow drivers getting off work and flooding over the hood is occurring with people not slowing down.

No emergency yet, but the rain is dumping good.
 Quoting: Redpaw360

thanks for that. i was hoping to hear from other PNW'ers.

Warning about landslides

The Oregon Department of Geology is warning about an "increased potential for landslides and debris flows in western Oregon." According to the department, the danger continues through at least Tuesday as heavy rain "may strain smaller streams and drainages across the area."

This warning extends to Washington state, where on Monday morning a mudslide brought a tree down onto a Washington State Police patrol car -- and then it burst into flames. The trooper was in the area checking out another slide when this one happened.

Just before 3:45 p.m. Monday Amtrak sent out a notice regarding landslides even further north: "Service between Vancouver BC to Seattle disrupted due to a 48-Hour Railroad Moratorium in place due to mudslides in the area."

"Structures and roads located below steep slopes, in canyons and near the mouths of canyons may be at serious risk from rapidly moving landslides," the Oregon Department of Geology warned Monday.

Care also should be taken when traveling over the mountains during this time. According to the Oregon Department of Geology, the most dangerous places include:

Canyon bottoms, stream channels, and areas of rock and soil accumulation at the outlets of canyons;
Bases of steep hillsides;
Road cuts or other areas where slopes of hills have been excavated or over steepened;
Places where slides or debris flows have occurred in the past.

"Debris flows are rapidly moving landslides that can destroy everything in their paths. They can easily travel a mile or more, depending on the terrain. They will contain boulders and logs and transport those in a fast-moving soil and water slurry.

[link to m.koinlocal6.com]
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