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Message Subject ARKstorm Hitting PNW.....now...More To Come
Poster Handle Eggcellent
Post Content

I always know when HAARP is being applied because my ears ring very intensely and have been since early this AM.
 Quoting: UseLess RepEATER

I don't keep up with HAARP very much, but I KNOW that my ears were LOUDLY "buzzy-ringing" this morning when I woke up at 4:30. This evening I heard we'd had a 3.2 earthquake this morning around 7-ish, centered at Kelly Point Park, which is near where the Columbia and Willamette Rivers join, a little NW of downtown Portland.
 Quoting: Eggcellent

ha ha that is the area i am moving to...prepper house!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27683610

I'm not so sure that I'd be looking for a home in that area. Very densely populated, no privacy, lots of traffic, and no yards to speak of for a garden. They have also discovered a previously unknown earthquake fault going right down the Willamette River, which runs right past downtown Portland and sort of separates "downtown" from the residential area on the East side of the river. Lots of bridges! Anyway, the scientists say that the soil in Portland would "liquify" during an earthquake, sort of like turning to quicksand.

If you haven't yet purchased your home, I'd look a little South of Portland, from Oregon City/Canby on south. LOTS of places for sale, some have been on the market for quite awhile (so you could negotiate the price) and many with some acreage (1 to 10 acres). A little more "spread-out" and "prepper-friendly". Just a suggestion if you're still checking out the possibilities.
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