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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
funky stuff imo, I believe humans evolved from the pot plant partially and thats why our Endo-cannabinoid system so closely matches the cannabinoids in the plant. All the depictions and descriptions of the tree of life match a cannabis plant as well. You really cannot deny this fact..simply look at the ancient pictures.

 Quoting: Perseus7

I don't think humans evolved from the pot plant, lol.
But your point is good.
The pot plant is a subset of the physiological and spiritual make-up of the plant.
The human brain is more magical than the pot plant.
 Quoting: abhie

correct, key word was partially, as expressed by the leaf and our endo-cannabinoid system that controlls the most important functions in our bodies health system.
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