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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
Interesting theory. I like it.

I've never understood how a plant that co-evolved along side humans for the last few millenia could be completely demonized in less than 100 years. I've always thought it'd be really funny to find out we've had the cure to cancer and many other terminal diseases right in front of us the whole time. Without getting into a political debate, I really hope that cannabis, at the minimum, rescheduled as a "drug" with known medicinal value so it can be studied. If we spent just 10% of the budget we use towards criminalizing cannabis on legitimate studies, I think we would find numerous uses for it and that it is a cure for many ailments.

As far as hemp is concerned, I think it is completely ridiculous that industrial hemp is outlawed simply because it has a minuscule amount of THC. There are so many uses for hemp that I firmly believe it would turn the USA back into an industrial capital of the world. Just to name a few uses: Bio-fuel, fiber (paper, rope, textiles) and plastics. It can also be a food source (seeds, oil, beverages).
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