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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks, Perseus. Wouldnt have believed it if i wouldnt have recently found this info for myself. Makes perfect sense as to why TPTB have tried for so long to demonize it without any real reason or evidence. The truth just keeps getting crazier! I am curious to hear your theory of humans evolving from the plant.
 Quoting: Negative1

It's not illegal because of the brain's shape. The reason it's illegal is because DuPont Corp wanted to remove the competition for industrial fibers, and it was also a convenient way to arrest black people. The initial campaigns were extremely racial in design. Once everyone believed it was a weed with roots in hell that made black men rape white women, they won their prohibition laws. Then the farmers found out they just doomed themselves because it was really to make it illegal for them to grow their hemp crops. A few decades later it became a useful way to identify and jail hippies and other dissidents as well, and then became very useful for keeping the private prisons well-fed with prisoners, for dissolving civil rights for drug searches, raids and body fluid testing and all the industry built up around prohibition. Drug tests are only useful for pot because it stays in the system for a month compared to a few hours or days for everything else. Now we've got generations in the DEA whose dad was an agent and now they are an agent and their kids will be agents, and their family only knows how to be DEA agents and we just can't stop prohibition because of all the jobs that would be lost in all the industries built up around it. It's nothing to do with the shape of anyone's brain.
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