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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was excited to see this thread last night. However, by the morning the immature posts have absolutely killed the topic of discussion.

From my research it seems the plant was made illegal for fuel, energy, textiles, health, and nutrition purposes in a nutshell. There was too much money to be made from fossil fuels and monopolizing the industries pertaining to industrial hemp and medical cannabis. On top of the profits to be made, think of the government going back on some 70 years of propaganda and say they were wrong... yea right. As for flowering/fruiting. I believe one poster hit it on the head: Depending on the strain and relatively to the equator, flowering/fruits times can vary drastically. From my understanding, Hawaii is one of the only US landmasses which is capable of producing fruit 4 times a year in natural sunlight.

Could we please get back on subject about this plant's relationship with humans? How monthly new cannabinoids are discovered and their uses continue to amaze open minds. From THCV to CBD, there is more to this plant then I have read in this thread, rather disappointed in GLP stoner knowledge.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14873148

We're here, but it's just like the 2012 Republicans... We're outnumbered.

Apparently Trinity ain't hip to mother earth's best so it's pretty much ixnay on us GLP CannabisTards.

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