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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
Now to get to the really out there ideas..

If in the beginning there was void and since void cannot be stable it explodes creating the symbol or grand schematic of our universe. we know this as the big bang..but what people don't understand is that the big bang could be a gigantic spore print.

first lets look at the typical artist rendition of big bang
[link to nothingoutofnothing.files.wordpress.com]

now lets look at a typical spore print and deduce what we see in it.
[link to ts1.mm.bing.net]

thus the creation of matter with white overlaying black. white contains the full spectrum of color,sound,dimension..etc. and we know it is of positive polarity dominance.. anti-matter is on the other side of the void.

So think of the universe as one huge spore print schematic..with the alpha and omega contained within it and the image of GoD represented by the Protogonos or DNA...or Trinity. Spores are able to survive in the vacuum of space as well.
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