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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
Eating hemp seeds seems to make my brain chemistry for better a word "stabilize". I could only imagine what eating the leaves/fruit would do. And this is the one without the THC. I guess the best I can get is hemp sprouts.
 Quoting: Master X


hemp his-tory 101

a pack of primates.
tiny scavengers pawing;
strangely unafraid of the stomping,
half burned seeds warming their belly.

a herd of herbivores.
huge creatures laying eggs;
scavengers savory delight.
swiftly devoured in the night.

the crash of carnivores
hungrily eating carcasses.
pride grown small
it's pray perishing.

those escaped who feathers drew
and hid their nests up high;
from the ground quickly flew,
skies filled with a cry.

as the scavengers grew
in spirit and stature;
pebbles at pray threw,
in an uprighted posture.

forests on fire,
the prairy in flame,
cowardly hunters retire;
half roasted meat claim.

the scent of bushes burning;
sweetly beckoning in the night,
now one with courage returning.
into the cave brought light.

his peers him in error
as smoke filled their breath;
tore up in terror,
thanked him with death.

but fire ever since has been 
the source of human power.
ending ancient mankinds dream,
the fallen babel tower.

without heat her triggers await,
instructions hide within a living seed.
civilizations; love, freedom, to re-create.
the flower of fusion power.
 Quoting: Horus 7669788

so awesome. fine work sir.
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