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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle Mycelium
Post Content
It changes, mostly depending on the season and availability. I collect most of the plants I use in my practice myself, and ilnesses (and pregnancies) tend to come in waves, so there are a lot of variables...

In no particular order, lately I have mostly been using:

*Chia seed,
*Thimbleberry leaf (a thornless, large leafed berry in the same genus as raspberry and used interchangeably)
* Calendula flowers
* Horsetail
* Nettle leaf (a big one in Winter, as a preventive and mineralizer)
* Dandelion (both leaf and root, but for different purposes)
* Wild Yam (i buy this))
* Catnip (number one or two most used, maybe tied for all time number one with Chia)
* Elderberry (I use leaf for something else, and rarely)
* Alfalfa (nutritive tonic, try not to us commercial product, plants are most mineral-rich afte about their fourth year of growth)
* Passionflower (i buy from a friend. Fairly strong sedative and hypotensive)

Most of the above are used for their highly bioavailable nutritive/mineral content. Many have a strong alkalizing effect as well. Remember, too, that much of herbalism is prevention and general health maintenance. Anecdotal evidence is strong here, and important. Preventives are hard to prove; if it works, nothing happens! :)

Did that answer the question? I would start my own thread, but it got me exiled last time. I think mods are nervous about liability and the FDA cares nothing for disclaimers.
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