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Message Subject Cerebellum ^ CANNABIS IS THE Tree of Life
Poster Handle DMTHC
Post Content
I have known lots of people that have smoked pot all there life and they are farther away from being enlighten that non smokers.
 Quoting: MONSTER

I think it's one ingredient in a mix that helps open the chakras. Cannabis is more about healing than some of the other ingredients. I know people with phd's that practically have down syndrome when it comes to psychological or spiritual discussion.
 Quoting: Perseus7


Yep, It is truely wonderful- ESPECIALLY for healing. Great producer of those "Ah-HA! moments" to I find when your stuck on certain things. Like anything though, it can be misused and its true value lost on the individual. On the onther hand though, I believe someone people need to go through this blurring as a challenge (Its pretty depressing being stuck in a 24/7 smoking cycle, though it is easy) I have gone through this and seen many friends go through it, I find it often relates to a bigger issue within self. I share the same view with nightmares and how some other drugs react with people.

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