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Message Subject People are already camping out at Best Buy and other locations.
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content
Here is another one with pics at the link.

The folks camping out for the week are enjoying many amenities that they would if they were at home, as theyíve even brought a generator with them. The temperatures are not conducive to camping right now as itís a bit frigid, but these folks donít care.

Along with the tents the campers have air mattresses for a comfortable nightís sleep and TVs and laptops for entertainment. They cook on a grill and the group will even enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner in the parking lot of Best Buy.

ďFox and FriendsĒ Monday had a few questions about the time these shoppers are spending just to save money. Taking a week off from work has to be more costly than the few hundred dollars that these campers expect to save during the Black Friday sales.

It seems that this group of campers takes shifts so their daily lives arenít disrupted completely. While some of the campers take this week as their vacation week from work, others go back and forth to work from their Best Buy tent home.

[link to www.examiner.com]
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