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Message Subject People are already camping out at Best Buy and other locations.
Poster Handle Six Six Six - Version 2.0
Post Content
reminds us why the sheep need and and want to be culled
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17746611

Sadly, that's an excellent point.

Black Friday, is very symbolic of why we NEED and WILL have an extinction event on Earth. Humanity is such a fallen species. Completely SPIRITUALLY bankrupt.

The worship of the physical and material ($$$) and the selfish mentality, along with the over reliance on technology and you have the perfect recipe for destruction.

It's a textbook plan for the divided they fall concept and the overpopulated planet consuming and wasting it's resources.

Most of all, and perhaps most simply put, it shows how absolutely stupid and moranic these sheep are.

With all that is happening in our solar system and world, with extreme weather events, increasing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, maxium solar flares, the world at war, and alarming floods and droughts depleting our natural resources... it's simply amazing to see where people priorites and common sense have gone.

They worship this god dam system of materialism and money and they will till the day they all die... which thankfully will be very, very soon.

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