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Message Subject I'm thinking of getting a german shepherd
Poster Handle Laura Bow
Post Content
I have a friend who breeds them and she seems happy with them as a pet. My only question is about their hips, I always hear stories about them getting some sort of hip problems (I forget what they call it)I also plan on taking it to training, so it will be well behaved in public.
 Quoting: mk ultra 5813027

Well, I bet American Breeders will disagree, but many times people will get originally bred German Shepherds from Germany that have been carefully chosen to create a strong vibrant animal. There's a lot of amateurs, nice people, who dally in breeding animals. I've seen a lot of hip dysplasia from their efforts. It's probably not their fault, just the result of some genetic issues that give a predesposed animal with weaknesses. This however is probably the most expensive means of getting one.

Another option is a Timber Shepherd. They're a German Shepherd/Wolf hybrid. They are powerful creatures.

I highly recommend any of the dog books by the monks of New Skete.
[link to www.newskete.com]
They specifically raise German Shepherds and understand them. It'll open your eyes to the needs of dogs and their community and behavior.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1110734

It looks like the German Shepherds from Germany are not all that great either...

German Cops Ditch German Shepherds for Belgian Breed

Read more: [link to www.foxnews.com]
 Quoting: Laura Bow

Uh oh. Don't do this Laura. Can't be spending turkey day evening arguing this issue. lol

I don't think it's that the dogs aren't good, it's the attributes they're looking for. Cost is also a factor. If they do change, I bet they'll go back. You know how high drive a Shepherd is. Can you imagine living with a Mal? Bet there are going to be some exhausted, unhappy cops.
[link to www.pedigreedatabase.com]
 Quoting: Nine's

Come on Nine's, you know we can agree to disagree :) I just don't like when people automatically assume a dog from Germany automatically equals a great dog...just like a dog from America equals crap. I imagine a lot of the cost in the dog is due to the training versus the dog itself, and one of the reasons they mentioned was that the Malinois was "sturdier", to me would mean healthier overall. I could never imagine living with a Mal, beautiful dogs and they seem awfully cool, but I can't even stand my husband when he gets into his intense, active mode...so OMG!!
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