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Message Subject I'm thinking of getting a german shepherd
Poster Handle Laura Bow
Post Content
wow, thanks for all the good info on this thread, I am becoming more sure that a german shepherd is what I want.

I am really enjoying this process, I've been without a dog for too long. hf
 Quoting: mk ultra 5813027

Are you still leaning towards getting a dog from your friend? Like I said, best to check around and get as much info as possible and please know that a German Shepherd from one line may be a bit different from another line (especially the working dogs, which are great but may be too much for most people!). I saw yesterday that you liked my pic, the pup in my avatar is of the long hair variety. They length of a German Shepherd's coat can vary from extremely short to very long (most are known as short coats though), as well as a myriad of colors.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I see your dogs ears are glued together, indicating one had trouble standing up. Did it work? And at what age is it to late to attempt this?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27896463

Actually they are not glued, but sometimes when German Shepherds ears go up they can almost appear as such. They will go through some funky phases while trying to straighten out! I've never really had a problem with ears going up in my lines, but if you are having an issue with ears, you can start around the age of 4 months. Supplement with calcium (yogurt, cottage cheese, I've even given whole raw eggs shells and all) will help too, along with giving the pup something to teethe on.
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