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Cold Fusion reactor manufactured ... at home.

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11/19/2012 07:10 PM
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Cold Fusion reactor manufactured ... at home.

Nuclear fusion in an apartment

Julien S., age 24, has just finished a homemade nuclear fusion reactor "cold" (room temperature) to produce energy. He wants to now convince the scientific community.

It is gleaning information on the Web that Julien S., aged 24, was formed in cold fusion. Namely, a branch of the Nuclear Research neglected by the scientific community sees as quackery. Principle requiring two atomic nuclei to fuse at room temperature rather than 150 million ° C (similar to experiments performed at Cadarache in the ITER project). All in order to produce a gigantic energy with a small amount of electricity input ... "Tomorrow is shaved gratis," quips a CNRS researcher specializing in the atom, which prefers to remain anonymous. However, in some of his apartment turned into a laboratory, Julien claims to have built a miniature nuclear, modeled on this principle. "Cold fusion works! Here is the proof, "exclaims the self. With an air of conviction, it triggers a switch. In a roar, the reaction starts (see our video).

In French
[link to lefilpresse.wordpress.com]

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