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Message Subject Laser from plane scanning queens ny last night
Poster Handle LASERGURU
Post Content
Cheap green lasers can be purchased online for ~30$ which would be visible on the ground from a plane, and vice-versa. Precisely why you dont point at aircraft.

Given the distance to the viewer on the ground, it would be difficult to distinguish the exact positioning / point of emission ie window, or bottom of the craft.

To the poster above me ^^ 1,000$ is a common price for a class 4 DPSS 532, given that the laser is rated at 750mW stable and not just the peak. WL is notorious for fudging numbers...

Depending on the distance, and divergence (with or without beam expander) 750mW being shone at anybodies face would be pretty dumb. A class 4 can cause eye damage to unprotected eyes over a great distance. Had it have been a common class 4 blue 445nm, you get into the 'blue light hazard' as well.

As for seeing it from space, doubt it.. I have seen it done with the ISS, but from a dark location and with a stable 1W+ 445nm.

They may see a faint flicker but no beam is going to appear to them.

Wickedlasers sales propaganda is full of BS, do some reading and avoid those scamming morons.
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