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Message Subject Marijuana and the illuminati
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
Why is the illuminati trying so hard to promote marijuana?

You see it everywhere on tv and in music videos.

They make it seem like it is the greatest thing on earth, like God intends for us to smoke it.

You see all the rapstars flashing money and smoking weed in the music videos, used only as puppets so they can reach out to the younger generations. They want people to start smoking at an early age. But why?

Everyone I know smokes weed. It makes you passive and lazy. I would say it "sheepifies" you. People claim it makes them more spiritual, but thats bs. A pure spiritual experience can only be achieved through a pure mind.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25300880

If our government over here wanted you to smoke it to pacify you, they would legalize it and not treat it like it's one of the most harmful substances on Earth. Look at how prevalent alcohol use is in the U.S. and elsewhere, if there was some conspiracy to get you to smoke pot, they would have made it legal a long time ago and set up a legal supply chain.

You're way off on this one.

Marijuana use goes back thousands of years and predates the 'Illuminati'.
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