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Message Subject Marijuana and the illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First of all you freakin stoners = ALL MARIJUANA IS GMO!!! =All the seed of the plants YOU smoke that has 100 TIMES the cannabinoids than what your forefathers smoked is FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI. How do you think it got that way???? “Since 1968, the University of Mississippi has maintained the nation’s only legal marijuana farm in the world" ...to this DAY. "THE GENETICS (of U of M seed) COME FROM MONSANTO" Google it!!! You guys are the biggest hippocrites of all !!!
[link to community.kpfz.org]
The process involves a chemical called colchicine to increase cannabinoids by 100 times... and genetic manipulation of the dna, AND vectors (big word: man made viruses) were used etc. as any other GMO plant. The University of Miss. was legally able to send all it's bud to the Kenex corp in Canada and the HortaPharm corp in Amsterdam. From there these corps with various university's Genetic 'research' programs were able to supply the GLOBAL MARKET. Everyone knows that the 1970's pot those hippies smoked doesn't exist anymore. All their breeding was done waaaay before the general public caught on. What stoners are too stoned to know is that everything you smoke is mutant and is from Monsanto's special breeding program @ U of M designed and targeted at EUGENICS (big word: population control) of the "UNDESIRABLES" ie. the dregs of society,....YOU.
"Monsanto, GW Pharma, Bayer and HortaPharm hold the genetic copyrights to all Cannabis strains on the planet." GW Pharma and Horta have applied Terminator Technology from Monsanto to their cannabis patents.
Don't any of you, thru your hazey smoke find it strange that the moment that ALL pot was Genetically altered and no heirloon seed could be found that the governemnt is allowing it to be used as a drug (medical marijuana) backed by the pharmaceutical industry?.... which has never created anything positive. First time in history that it is legal by the state so biotech Pharmacies can wage bio terrorism against the undesirables. BUT the federal gov opposes it so that when people wake up to the damages the Feds can claim innocence by saying they deemed it illegal. Genius!
I lived in Kauai and Maui for the last 9 years. Everyone I knew smoked and thru osmosis I learned a lot. One thing I learned is that the only stuff out there is the stuff that is 100 times stronger than what they smoked in the 70's. Unfortunately the only way to increase cannabinoids by 100 TIMES is thru an genetic engineering process using colchicine and an agrobacterium. Agrobacterium tumefaciens. THIS EQUALS GMO.
"Some of the fastest advances in improving Cannabis and other plants have been through
application of chemicals or hormones. For example, inducing chromosomal duplications
in plants has been occurring since the discovery of colchicine. This chemical interferes
with the proteins that pull chromosomes apart during cell division. Applying colchicine
has been shown to cause complete genome duplications."
This is what U of Mississippi has been doing since 68.
Although colchicine is commercially available, performing more drastic genetic
experiments are not so easily available. These require special aseptic conditions and
access to the necessary technology. Once these obstacles are overcome, transforming
Cannabis with any gene is simply a game of experimentation.

It is indeed possible to control genes and cause them to be upregulated in order to
increase their gene product. To do this, the known gene has to be attached, or ligated, to a
special region that communicates this to the Cannabis cell. This region is called a
promoter region, since it promotes the expression of that gene. The promoter region sits
just ahead of the gene along the chromosome.

Some promoter regions have been found to have such strong expression activity, that they
are routinely used in plant biotechnology. One such promoter is called the CaMV 35S
promoter (Venter, 2007). This promoter was first found in a virus, then carefully
removed, and finally ligated to a plant gene. When researchers did this they found that
whatever gene was attached resulted in a constant expression of that gene. The CaMV
35S promoter has since proven to be a useful promoter to make transgenic plants that
express large amounts of a foreign gene.

GOOGLE IT. CaMV 35S a robust man made virus... almost identical to HIV in the lab. This is another vector theyve been utilizing in GMO pot for decades.
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