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Message Subject Why should I believe in god?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can believe in a Source of creation without believing in any particular book, doctrine or theology. Our Creator isn't the problem, the dogma, doctrines and ideologies are.

Not to mention our true Creator could care less whether you believe in the existence of or not for it's your right to and not to do so. Our Creator doesn't demand worship, isn't jealous and is a part of you and everything around you, even if you choose to believe differently. You don't have to believe, it's totally fine. Each person's journey and experience here is as unique and individual as a snowflake.

As to why you should or shouldn't, there is no answer to that, it's an individual choice, not a requirement.

You will undoubtedly be told differently by most here, but that's ok too. Believe whatever you decide you should.

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