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Message Subject Why should I believe in god?
Poster Handle shadowrun
Post Content
Just because a book is threatening me with eternal fire if I don't love the god of the book? I don't negotiate with terrorists.
 Quoting: Dremord 3910757

If you put all the peices together in will make sense...You could start by asking why are there sea shells and clams on top of mount everest? Then look at the earth learn the balances that allows you to breath right now.How delicate they are...how the moon and sun appear the same size, but are different sizes and distances from earth.The big bang theory denotes chaos...what we have here is order and balance.Atheism is impossible.We simply do not have enough information in the equasion to conclude 100% that there is no god.Go and read jesus words in the bible...realize they are not the words of a human man.Think big. free your mind. the truth is out there.
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