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Message Subject Why should I believe in god?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1.Because your Creator made you in the image and likeness of Him.
2.Because if you are not holding fast to the faith in Jesus and obeying God's commands, it means that you are worshipping the beast.
3. Because man is rebellious and can believe himself to be god.
4. Because you could lead your entire family into salvation.
5. Because God's will would be done on earth instead of our own.
6. Because whilst we were yet sinners, He died for us.
7. Because He can transform you from the inside out.
8. Because He can open your eyes to His Truth so that you can see the lies down here.
9. Because He desires that all be saved, yet knows that most will perish because they refused Him.
10. Because He holds your very life in His hands.
11. Because His Creation is evident all around you, but it's you that refuses to acknowledge it.
12. Because you'll never be the same again when He gives you the faith to believe.
13. Because your eternal life is valuable and this short life on earth could be used to glorify Him to His creation.
14. Because you won't be trading an eternal life for a sin filled human existence.
15. Because you will become a child of God.
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