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Message Subject Moon 240,000 miles away. Come on man!
Poster Handle Weasel_Turbine
Post Content
Our technology is 100 times greater now. And somehow cant go back like the other 6 times likeva walk in the park. Oh the earth does not spin. No photos or videos of it spinning. Only hollywood remakes. No real raw footage. From over 8000 satlites
 Quoting: Truthbetold11 14786143

100 times greater? maybe in computers. How many gigabytes does it take to reach the Moon? Or get into orbit? Computers aren't the problem. They were adequate for the problem then, especially as all the calculations needed were either done in mainframes onthe ground or could be done on a sliderule.

rocket technology is largely the same. You needed a big rocket then and you need a big rocket now.

We haven't gone back because nobody has wanted to pay for it since then. You want to pony up the money?

The Earth doesn't spin? LOL! Explain Foucault pendulums, inertial navigation systems and gyrocompasses. Explain why long range artillery has to adjust for the motion of the Earth. Explain why rockets get a boost launching East instead of West.
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