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Message Subject Moon 240,000 miles away. Come on man!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wasn't the real difficulty with going to the moon supposed to be calculating the right trajectory, not running out of fuel? Because of the vacuum of space and the lack of big things between us and the moon, after they escaped our atmosphere and further such that the Earth's pull was less on the vehicle they wouldn't need to burn fuel at all they could just coast? So the difficulty was in calculating the right trajectory to make up for whatever arcane drifts or wave effects they think need adjusting for? But then to park the think a quarter a million miles away perfectly such that it lands in stable orbit of the moon is just.... a bit much.

And, if there's effectively no gravity acting on the craft after it gets away from the Earth a little ways such that it doesn't need to burn fuel most of the way, then what's that force that keeps the moon in orbit around the Earth, which the craft is traveling in the whole time and which is strong enough to hold the moon while the craft in comparison has negligible mass?
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