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Message Subject Moon 240,000 miles away. Come on man!
Poster Handle Truthbetold11
Post Content
Folks im sorry with typos. Ipads arent easy to type with. Anyways. The buzz for today. Hum lets see. We covered most of the facts. So its 50/ 50. If we went there. But are we to believe our govt. the masters of propaganda? Hilter once said. Tell the lie so big that noone would believe the truth. Meaning only a few would disagree. Of course we dont have any politicians who lie. Bill c. I did not have sex relations with that woman. G bush senior. No new taxes read my lips. Of course we got them. The lies versus facts are endless. So i bring up a topic. And get saul alinsky tatics to discredit the messenger. Trust me i was a believer up to 2 years ago. Then i did my homework. With common sense. In the words of the late johnie cochran. If it doesnt fit you must aquit. My spin is. Facts dont lie liars use facts
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