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Common Good

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11/19/2012 09:20 PM
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Common Good
"I shall specify the qualities distinctive in those seeking the Common Good. First�constancy of striving. Second�ability of containment, for poor is he who denies but the seeker of truth is worthy to work for General Good. Third�ability to labor, because the majority do not know the value of time. Fourth�the desire to help, without prejudices and without usurpation. Fifth�renouncement of personal property and the acceptance for safekeeping of the fruit of the creativeness of others. Sixth�expulsion of fear. Seventh�display of vigilance amidst darkness.
This must be told to those who, possessed by fear, shield themselves with denial.
One should point out that millions of people await the opening of the Gates. The shackles of hardships should not be replaced by the fetters of fear. Fear can be compared to leprosy; both cover the man with a rime of repulsiveness.
The greyish twilight of servility has brought on a wretched conception of life! Now this must end in storm and tempest."
Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/12/2013 04:04 PM
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Re: Common Good
i really like this.

User ID: 39723870
United Kingdom
05/12/2013 04:11 PM
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Re: Common Good
Human society is made for man.
Any political doctrine which ignores the rational nature of man, and which consequently denies the freedom and dignity of man, is vitiated at its very roots and subjects man to inhuman conditions.
It is therefore with good reason that totalitarian doctrines are rejected in the name of human dignity.

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