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Message Subject Why are our idiot people acting like Israel is terrorists?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are the Synagogue of Satan like Christ warned. Muslims are not our enemy. Please look into every single thing I mentioned. Thank you. God bless!

I agree and we should hunt down the imposters who say they are muslims and brutally slaughter Christians by burning them alive in churches, hacking them to pieces with machetes and beheading unarmed innocent people with dull knives. I didn't even say how they abuse women and throw acid in their faces.
The religion of peace really needs to distance themselves from these brutal lying, murdering dogs who present themselves as muslims, but according to you, are not?

blow up a bus lately?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28129648

Nope. Violence is unequivocally wrong. Instead of typing one little sentence, why not go through what I shared and tell what is erroneous or incorrect. Pray to Jesus for discernment, my friends. I was never a bible thumper. The truth does become known when you decide to be service to other and pray for wisdom. Things will start occurring opening your eyes to the serpent seed.

The inflammatory non-substantive sentence you shared is straight from the Zio playbook. Make anyone who criticizes Israhell out to be a terrorist.

Please Jesus, allow all to see the truth. The serpent seed cannot see or hear. They can cannot comprehend the parables. Know them by their fruits. What are the fruits of the people who call themselves Jews but are liars. Here once again are their fruits:

USS Liberty, Lavon Affair (what they call Operation Susannah), King David Hotel, Rachel Corrie, Talmud, Rabbi Dov Zakheim and the missing 2.3 trillion dollars, Jonathan Pollard, Five Dancing Mossad agents on September 11, Balfour Declaration, Transfer Agreement, Rabbinical Tax on all nearly ALL of our groceries, Khazar, AskeNAZI, Edomite, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, General Patton, Dimona
nuclear power plant, Magna BSP, Ameridocs, Comverse, ICTS security responsible for Logan and Newark on September 11 as well as other locations, Theodore Herzl, Rothschild, Weishaupt, Trotsky, Lenin, Ukrainian Holocaust, Armenian Holocaust, at least 56 million Christians murdered in Soviet Russia, head of every major media corporation, head of every financial institution, Day of Purim, every entity behind the Federal Reserve, the African Slave Trade, Star of David is really star of Moloch, Chiun, or Rephean, all names for Satu(r)n, Acts 7:43, Rev. 2:9, Rev. 3:9...
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