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Message Subject Why are our idiot people acting like Israel is terrorists?
Poster Handle JBG
Post Content
It's called 'reversal of reality' or 'moral inversion propaganda'

Obviously it is nonesense and completely against commonsense when the unsuspecting mind first comes across it. But it works by the constant unchallenged drip drip drip drip drip drip drip effect from MSM - to the unthinking mind it just becomes truth by default, recieved opinion.

For those who still retain common sense it becomes a message of disempowerment and demoralisation - ie we can tell you blatant lies to your face and there is nothing you can do about it - it is what the soviet union used to do to it's population with what they used to call Political Truth.

This is a joint collaboration by Islamicists and the Left - for the Muslotards it is simply jihad against their 'eternal enemy' the Jews as mandated in the koran. For the left it is anti americanism, anti colonialism, anti capitalism, anti-western blah blah.

How then to make it fly to a western audience, when you can never admit your real motives.

Simple create a reversed image of reality, like a photo negative and then you can put a faux 'human rights' angle on it - just keep on and on and on and on and on about nazis, apartied, racist,khazzars, - manufacure lots of dead baby photo ops, instead of tiny Israel against the combined arab world - stage it as nazi Israel against a tiny tiny pathetic people that you have specially invented - the 'palestinians'
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