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Message Subject What are you most grateful for?
Poster Handle jingo
Post Content
David dIcke,not being a yid i didn't understand what
politics/economics was all about till i read his 'the truth
will set you free',the fate of the yid hun was sealed when
he opened his mouth in the second centenary of the yid
french revolution,what's the difference between god and yid,
god wants us to be free,creates the habitat to be so,the yid
doesn't,the rothschild yids have created a world where
everyone's dependent on money created by them,to get it we
have to work for them,we're supposed to work for god not the
yid middleman,see abundanthope.net/nov7 PJ228 ch3/4,the
curse of the world is people who set theirself up in
authority over others,hierarchy of fear,13 million yids
control/destroy the world to the detriment of the rest,time
we marginalised them,they have power over us because we give
them our power by working for them,hatonn says he'll work
with us not for us,he won't be our slave,we need to do the
same,must be good fun arresting folk,handcuffing them,
making their wrist hurt,locking them up,humiliating them in
a cell,raiding their premises,confiscating their property,
charging them etc,interesting our yid government is the
biggest perpetrator of crime: killing people/animals,
flooding the country with drugs,producing toxic food/water/
air/pharmaceuticals,indoctrinating the populace with
propaganda instead of truth etc,god determines the law not
yids,see phoenix journal 27,the nile valley is a fertile
plain because it floods once a year,you don't mess with
nature,it's god at work,thanks to the yid antichrist the
planet's irreparable,interesting the queen is a double,the
british empire is the yid empire,they control banking/the
media/governments etc,start all the wars,pollute/destroy the
planet/us,see protocols of the learned elders of zion,we
work for yids for yid money/vouchers to buy yid goods,all
we've got to do is WITHDRAW our manpower,their corporations
including government will collapse,then we can get on with
living instead of slaving,see ringingcedars.com,everyone
selfsufficient,each community decide its own fate,in accord
with the laws of balance,see phoenix journal 27,we don't
need money/sell something to survive,look at other species,
once there was a firmament/belt of vapour round the earth,
like venus now,protecting it from harsh radiation and
maintaining a constant temperature,resulting in lush
vegetation/food everywhere,however it was ruptured causing
the deluge/oceans,fortunately it's being restored,see
abundanthope.net,then we'll have perpetual spring,the garden
of eden/aden,help yourself,everyone selfsufficient,we don't
need landownership/deforestation,permaculture not
agriculture,we don't need concrete jungle,all construction
can be underground or tree houses,eight billion annunaki
have been removed from inside the earth which is hollow, 1k
miles thick,the poles are holes, 1k miles wide,entrances to
the inner earth,see erks.org,we don't need fossil fuel,oil
is the lifeblood of the earth,the continents float on it,
electricity meters are C19th tesla free energy generators,
using magnets/dipoles to transform high frequency energy of
the aether into low frequency energy,see cheniere.org,
people get ready for the cataclysm say your catechism,expect
TV announcements about the three days of darkness,maybe feb
19,see abundanthope.net/nov18 new war is false flag by
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