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Message Subject What are you most grateful for?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i'm most grateful for my wonderful mother, even though I have made a lot of mistakes in my short life so far, she is still here by my side, as she has always been, keeping me safe.

i'm also grateful that I live in a very safe country. amongst all the hate I have for this place and how it's ruled, i'm truly grateful that I can go to sleep at night without having to worry about getting robbed or anything like that.

i'm grateful that I never have to be hungry. I always have enough food (great food if I may mention) and drinks.

also i'm grateful for everything I have right now. I mean, a playstation 3 just to mention one thing, while some people on this earth are living malnourished or worried to leave there homes.

I can go on about my material things, but I am also very grateful for something most people do not appreciate, and that is opportunity.

anyone can make something of themselves if they really put there minds to it. it's just that most people don't have the balls to make any significant changes to there meaningless lives.

there is so much opportunity in America it's almost hard to believe. billionaires exist as do people who survive on welfare day in and day out. if you have no ambition you will go no where.

finally, i'm grateful for my God. I pray nearly every single day and I'm so thankful He is by my side.

more people need to open there eyes and appreciate the greatness around them, because with the wrong perception, black can seem like white and vice versa.
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