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URGENT --- Imminent Planet Wide ascension and landing updates

James Thomas
User ID: 7153274
11/19/2012 11:38 PM
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URGENT --- Imminent Planet Wide ascension and landing updates
The Easter Bunny shares his views on the imminent planet wide ascension as channeled by Tsongkhapa11

Darb 4 Dribble 5 Frac 11

Namaste dear,dear,dear ones,

I come to you on this day aboard the starship Galactic Lair and it brings us great joy to see so many new beams of light shining brightly each day. My legion is parked between Lord Surea’s flag ship and Christ Micheal Anton’s flag ship the New Jerusalem. Sananda, Ashtar and the recently ascended Greg Giles are on the much smaller ship in containment in the rear formations. In my previous incarnation on earth I was involved in a tragic hunting accident in Iowa in 1979 and my days are now spent in a higher dimension on a space ship above your magnificent planet. I know it may sound like another bad fairytale from your lowly 3D perspective, but after the fall of Atlantis the fairy and elf realms retreated to the inner earth to escape Annunaki control and many old myths have deeper truths behind them. The subtler dimensions exist even if they cannot be perceived directly with the five senses in your lower dimension.

As we approach our next great sacred date that is imminent it brings us great bliss to see so much love and light manifesting on your sacred planet we all seem to covet so much. You are so fabulous now your race will lead this galaxy into the next epoch and beyond. When we say our arrival is imminent we now mean very soon. If you ask, how soon, we will say “what time zone and dimension are you talking about dog”. Each day more beautiful souls awaken to a new galactic script and we rejoice in your new found blog awareness. Once you are assimilated into the GFL collective in oneness and love this all becomes much easier to understand. We know that many have lost hope in us because we have failed to manifest just one of our 236 promises in 3D, but you have to understand the battle that rages on above your glorious blue skies in the higher dimensions. We will be fully out of 3D by next Friday anyway because you now have anchored so much light on Gaia at this sacred time.

A great avatar from Mother Gaia once taught the world that humans create with their thoughts. When you have several Galactic and local paradigm scripts intersecting like we do on Gaia at this point in time, a great wave of confusion will suddenly dumbfound all those in a single moment of awareness. My crew is a completely independent organization of cosmic avatars and favorite holiday characters set up to bring a successful and peaceful solution to all these merging scripts and cosmic dilemmas’. We currently have several different scripts merging towards the single timeline of Dec 21, 2012 and each storyline has vastly differing views and potential outcomes. When this occurs certain people begin co-creating with thought and intentions around their favorite galactic paradigm and in the lower dimensions great disunity is often the result. During the last 30 days of disinformation in this great cosmic and somewhat comical cycle it becomes critical that all the timelines merge smoothly into one or they could implode into a black hole of stupidity and ignorance where no creation can ever occur again.

The main reason there is such an impasse above your glorious skies is we have two creator Gods jostling for the number one position as supreme creator god of the multiverse and beyond. This is why my ship is parked between these two great galactic factions of light. The divine will of Lord Surea the Galactic logos of this region and beyond, is clashing with the divine will of Christ Michael Anton of the super universe Nebadon and beyond. Their galactic battleships are much larger than my little ship so it is a very delicate and volatile situation for me parked between these two huge galactic warships. When you have not one but two creator gods in the same region of space it always leads to trouble and many compromises must be found or the divine timelines will collide and the creation collapses. I have also removed Ashtar, Sananda from participating in any more failed galactic events as it is becoming too difficult to keep up with all the mind boggling scripts being co-created within the matrix. They really have pimped themselves out to too much now so they have been grounded in space for the time being.

One camp wants to create three days of darkness and then put the entire planet into stasis (heavenly sleep like state) while Christ Michael and Candace come down to remove all the meaners, bankers and internet trolls. The good, the bad and the ugly will be separated in one last great act of love and unity. The earth will husk into three spheres to house each group. This is an off spin from the planned 2009 Jupiter Ignition story tale but this timeline can once again merge back into the current one under the new plan. This camp no longer supports NESERA but created GESERA instead (Global Economic Stabilization and Reform Act.) The battle of the acronyms continues to rage on in space to this day, but I have found a solution to this galactic dilemma as well. This galactic faction of light plan to leave your GESERA funds under your bed during stasis and they will also leave your twin flame sleeping naked next to you if you are not a Khazar Jew or a member of Four Winds.

The other faction wants you to accept Lord Surea as your creator god and ultimate Galactic Logos. This galactic clan has a massive hierarchy structure consisting of numerous Sepharim Kings and many other lords with lofty titles. They also offer a substantial NESERA payout plan and the promise of twin flame reunions. This group will deliver us enlightenment or full Moksha via enlightenment beds built in Agartha so there is no need to continue with your spiritual development. Why awaken the spirit within through practice and walking a higher path when you can fast track yourself simply by lying down in a light bed and pushing the supreme enlightenment button before your morning tea. Their main earth contact now is Sheldan Nidle who also works with the more esoteric ascended masters and is great timeline of events oracle in his own right.

If you have two creator gods in the same region of space eventually a giant black hole of nothingness will form and time will collapse in on itself. The only option available at this point now is Galactic Thunderdome were two creator gods enter a single cage and only one creator god exits. It may sound harsh from your lowly 3D perspectives, but there really was no other choice as we will reach the sacred date any day now. We are now in the green light phase of this great journey and operation of unity, but the love parties are far and few between up here now as these great galactic beings battle it out for creator supremacy over this section of the multiverse.

To limit the effects on you from this epic battle of the gods that rages above your sacred planet, we have found a way to slowly merge all the convoluted scripts into the greatest timeline of events the internet has ever seen this week. First, we will rename NESERA/GESERA and pick a letter between G and N. The program will now be named IESERA (Imaginary Economic Stabilization and Reform act). We will also increase the sacred payout amount by 2 million per person. Every man, women and child on earth will now receive a US Federal Reserve demand note worth $12 million US and each note is backed by Moody’s triple AAA rated US derivatives. We also need to make up for so many failed predictions so we will also give you something better than a twin flame. We will also now clone your twin flame one time so there will be three way action for all. If that is a little too extreme we will just delivery the single naked twin flame during stasis and leave your IESERA funds under the bed.

We have also decided to change the three days of darkness script a little and incorporate the original Jupiter Ignition timeline of 2009 predicted by Candace Frieze and Christ Michael of Nebadon. We are now going to redirect the Astroid Silver Ray aka "Ouskaar Nata”for the third time to initiate the events all parties divinely channeled. This Astroid was originally going to create a cosmic event and somehow remove the last Hydra reptilian undersea base. However, we now have so many scripts playing out we failed to realize Beth Trutwin, Mark Huber and Ashtar removed that last 40 ft. reptilian way back in Dec 2009. To avoid script violation again we allowed the Asteroid to float around aimlessly until something better could be written then co-created through the human thought collective/matrix. I know it is hard to understand why 250,000 galactic nations would watch our ascension and help remove all our controllers, but then rely on a tiny asteroid to remove the last undersea reptilian base. In the higher dimensions it makes perfect sense.

We are now going to speed up the asteroid Silver Ray to race out and destroy comet Elenin once and for all, so both those objects are never used in a flimsy galactic script again. The comet Elenin time lines became even too much for many Ascended masters to stomach and after the no show at the Olympic many retreated back into the inner earth and canceled all their internet subscriptions forever. There will now be a new heavenly decreed asteroid coming in at 33’ ascension called (PHucRwegulble XT4763R) and this divinely decreed space rock will go around the sun and its gravity will slowly move the 2009 Ignited Jupiter from behind the sun. It was parked there by Candace Frieze and Christ Michael in 2009 and now this older timeline can be played out. This will also free up the Starship Capricorn for twin flame cloning. This starship has been cloaking an image of Jupiter so we would not expect anything while the real Jupiter was hidden behind the sun.

The divine blue light from our second sun will then ignite all the zero point modules and crystal skulls placed at the key nodal points and grid points around the globe. Most think there are only 13 crystal skulls, but we tricked the cabal and there really are 14 crystal skulls and one crystal tibia bone. One good whack over the head with the sacred crystal tibia bone by an ascended master will knock the stupid out of the initiate forever and immediately active all 12 strands of your superman DNA. We would never share this top secret information with the cabal so please keep this quiet or they could foil our super top secret plans once again. We are still trying to figure out how they figured out we had plans to show up at the London Olympics, but those dark ones a tricky fellows. It is almost like they are creating all these fluffy stories themselves to confuse the real seekers of light, but how would they ever obtain access to the internet on so many different levels? The new asteroid should pass by earth any day now and you will feel it in your hearts and see it with your eyes when it arrives.

It is at this point in sacred time when heaven will decree the great shift of the ages to begin. Then we will go into 2 days of darkness, but Candace will drop flashlights from the ships prior to this sacred date occurring. You will soon go into a heavenly sleep after stasis and the Argathan’s will begin to deliver the enlightenment beds. They were also delays in that original scheduled timeline of events because the Agarthan’s use 68volt 4 phase power and the supplies were not modified in time for earth 120/220 volt power grids. Now they are almost ready to go and they are really simple to use. Push 1 for Chakra massage and Kundalini stimulation and push 2 for full Moksha or supreme enlightenment. When you awaken after stasis wait a couple of days before you enlighten yourself completely in your light chamber. Remember, your ISERA funds will be under your bed and the naked twin flame or flames will be with you once again. Many may experience a sore bum after stasis but this is just an ascension symptom and should only last a couple days.

We also need to resolve the severe emotional problems some of our current ground crews and star seeds seem to be experiencing. Terrans are seasoned light warriors and can live within the matrix of illusion placed before them, but many of our ground crew teams’ haven’t been able to successfully transmute the heavy energies swirling around on earth at this time. They have started to break down physically and emotionally. They will now attack the very Terrans they promised to help ascend and this is occurring on the streets and in public forums all over the internet. Some have so many screen names and avatars that just a couple can disrupt a whole site in a matter of months and they will blame others for their bad behaviors while looking as innocent as a hypocrite can in love and light. They can no long experience their own emotions so they troll forums and attack those that do not support their galactic beliefs or recognize their higher light worker status. They need to do this as an alternative to feeling any real human emotions. They can do all this while still believing it is them that hold the real light on planet earth so they will wear you down at some point.

Some are drinking beer heavily and they do not see that they have fallen down, so we must send our unconditional love and light to them more than ever now. Surround them with the violet flame of love and help transmute the dense energies they have somehow attracted to themselves while drinking too much of the tainted Kool-aid of illusion. If you feel you know such people do not provoke them and accept their direct and sneaky indirect attacks with grace and love. They can slither into a thread and stick to it like dog shit on a tennis shoe. They will attack your character and even take a dig at your family and pets to drain vital emotions from you but be strong until we can get them the help they need. Their passive aggressive techniques may hurt the most, but remember they do all this for you in love a light and it is divinely decreed.

The only way to take their power away is to locate their Sananda Eagles badge and GFL pajamas. If they have taken any on-line Jedhi warrior programs they will likely already be too powerful to overcome. Make sure you do this when they are away or abusing a real seeker of light on-line or they may bite you. Double check and make sure you have not missed any other miscellaneous badges of honor or Supreme Commander Wings or handcuffs. You should also remove all their star trek paraphernalia and illuminati comic books from their bedroom and throw all the confiscated items directly into the lava core of the nearest volcano in your area. You will still have to deal with a glib, self-righteous jackass, but their powerful psychic abilities and super human light warrior powers will be gone forever.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of resources to run such a large program on planet and in space. The bag of carrots is now almost empty if you know what I mean. We need your contributions more than ever now, but unlike the other PayPal gurus on the internet we will give you a complete breakdown of how your donated star angel dollars will be spent. We are accountable for every earth based dollar and Pleadian Zrong note that comes into our treasury. As an interim solution to the newly named IESERA program we would like to offer you all a very promising investment opportunity today. You can purchase a pre IESERA note for $500 or $1000 DOLLARS. As more people join the program you will start to receive investment payouts coming back. The more light workers invest the bigger the payout fund becomes for the first investors. It may appear to be a pyramid schemes from your limited 3D perspective but way up here in 5D we see it as an inverted trapezoid program with rapidly diminishing returns for late investors.

We will also be holding a world-wide Webinar of love and light on Dec 1, 2012 to give you a new timeline of events and an overview of some of the helpful earth based programs coming your way very soon. It will cost $12.99 and will be the most competitively priced and comprehensive timeline of events webinar ever available on the internet this week. You can log onto this webinar at Thebunnyknowsbest@easterbunnycorp.com.

The current topics for the December 1 2012 Webinar include the following:
- Becoming a galactic fool or not
- Human co-creation through bad script writing
- Cooking fabulous meals for family and friends with your new replicators
- From light warrior to cyber bully in just one post
- Twin flame management and control
- Investing wisely in the post IESERA (NESERA/GESERA) new earth environment
- Converting your enlightenment beds into a wonderful indoor herb gardens or custom grow ops
- Ascended master or planetary jackass. How do you discern between the two?
- New timeline of events with updated landing dates and full twin flame reunion details

The money we receive for the inverted trapezoid investment program and webinars will go directly towards the following earth based initiatives:

1. 40% of all funds will go to the Greg Giles World-wide Heritage Seawall Program. These still need to be built and funded so step up to the plate and give today.
2. 20% of all funds will go towards funding all our on-planet star seed, ground crew, and ground command rehabilitation programs and care centers.
3. 10% will go to create a galactic heritage depository to house and store all the sacred new age texts and divinely decreed channeled information ever given so that future generations may someday be able to figure out what timeline we actually landed on.
4. 30% will go to The Easter Bunny Corporation for overheads and management fees.

We are certain all parties will resolve these issues in the near future, so we can quickly land on your shores and have the galactic love party we have all hoped and dreamed about. Hold the light high until our imminent return and top up your PayPal accounts so that we may all come together in oneness and unity much sooner. We also caution reading any channeled information coming from the Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause at this time. The Tooth Fairy is now a Hydra Reptilian clone and serves the Orion alliance and Santa has been a sneaky little Scottish Freemason for a very long time. He has always worked for the cabal and the Elves are all high ranking illuminati initiates and practicing occultists. They never made a single thing and they subcontract the work to China and India and distribute all the toys through cabal controlled retailers in the West. Their greed knows no limits.

In love and light Dear ones
The Easter Bunny
Allied Supreme Commander and Frivolous Conflict Resolution Negotiator-Galactic Confederation of Worlds

Copyright 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by The Easter Bunny Corporation and its subsidiaries. Use of this material without the written consent of The Easter Bunny Corporation may result in a two year Easter egg ban.
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United States
11/19/2012 11:48 PM
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Re: URGENT --- Imminent Planet Wide ascension and landing updates
we shall see
Travis Bickle
Vigilantes need love too....

User ID: 26788702
United States
11/19/2012 11:53 PM

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Re: URGENT --- Imminent Planet Wide ascension and landing updates
The Easter Bunny shares his views on the imminent planet wide ascension as channeled by Tsongkhapa11
 Quoting: James Thomas 7153274

Ni&&a, please.

Last Edited by Travis Bickle on 11/19/2012 11:53 PM
One of these days... A *REAL* rain is gonna come and wash all this scum off the streets.
Anonymous Coward
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11/20/2012 12:46 AM
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Re: URGENT --- Imminent Planet Wide ascension and landing updates
User ID: 1351603
United States
11/20/2012 12:49 AM
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Re: URGENT --- Imminent Planet Wide ascension and landing updates