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question for GLPs, no man apes and christians please

User ID: 27803051
Bosnia and Herzegovina
11/19/2012 11:51 PM
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question for GLPs, no man apes and christians please
this is for averege looking men and women, goergous among us, should sit this one out.

if you could afford, would you fix imperfections on your body, thus improving your god given appearance, or would you opt to pretend that looks do not matter and that you are perfect just the way you are.

i am not talking anything dramatic here.

laser off hair if ur a lady, maybe fix ur nose get a nicer smile, tummy tuck for after having a baby, off with the man boobs....lypo for slightly overweight people, nicer ears, boob reduction if they are too big and sagging, so whatever u might need, but nothing too drastic.

point is to not really change your physical description just a bit changing it for the better?

i know people who apaprently believe they resemble a monkey in appaearance, yet they still choose to avoid plastic surgery and take out their deep seeded body issiues on innocent bystandars.

i mean is in it hypocritical to call people who use plastic surgery insecure, if you are a human that believes he looks like an ape,(talk about insecure), and still he knock estetic surgery down, like it was a bad thing?

mind you, i am for mild touch-ups, no big make overs, i'd have a skin peel, fix my skin, but i'd ever have a face lift or botox, it makes people look too artificial for my taste, but i still wouldn't dream of judging people who opt for face lifts.

what i'm trying to say is, not everything has to be some kind of terrible insecurity, that some people on GLP seem franatically look for in other people, tragically neglecting to look within.

we all have insecurities, but some of us also consider bodise very ridiculous things to begin with, not taking my body so seriously makes me free to fix it up a bit, any way i please without having to feel shame over it or take "are u that insecure crap" from shills