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Message Subject CEOs pushing for new tax reform, dont want to pay taxes on profits from overseas, obama met with CEOs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
to the shill who gave me red karma, bush tax cuts n lawyers helped the elites out of paying high income taxes and like i said before top companies do not pay a dime in taxes, small businesses and middle class are the ones left with the check. before you say they donate to charities look closely at these charities, follow the money and see where most of the cash really goes.
 Quoting: mrmuffins69

Wether you like it or not, this has been the status quo throughout history. The rules of wealth creation will change as the systems do aka 'socialism' or 'communism' but it never stops. Different levels of 'bribery' now more formally called 'lobbying' is simply enacted. In other words - these rich CEO's are able to survive in this current system - while you are not.

Any system that tried to deviate from the Pareto Principle has been met with failure, poverty, defeat, and misery. The most damaging thing that could happen is these CEO have to pay their taxes and as a result pull out of the United States Entirely.

The real issue you should be fighting for is LESS government services and LESS taxes. Fight for your freedom to live as the CEO's do, then go out there and compete.

Don't attack the CEO's because their better at this than you are.
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