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Message Subject CEOs pushing for new tax reform, dont want to pay taxes on profits from overseas, obama met with CEOs
Poster Handle Captain Spaulding
Post Content
How is it Free Market Capitalism in this country when the large Multi National Corporations and Banks are able to buy our government to do their bidding in order to go through loopholes and not pay taxes, while the small and medium sized business's have no such luxury?

Furthermore, where would places like Walmart go anyways when American's are their biggest customer?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25300322

And I lost a business, and six people lost their jobs because of the IRS and a mere $24,000 we didn't know we owed them, and they KNEW it was because of a crooked attorney, who disappeared, and a bad accountant, who died.

The government still stuck to their guns about getting their (paltry) money, no matter that we weren't at fault and paid taxes for 12 years without fail, on time. We just had no idea of knowing we weren't paying "enough", and the IRS PROVED it, for themselves, we weren't at fault. They still demanded their $24,000!

Where was OUR bailout to keep all of US working? They didn't owe it to us, but if they're bailing out and giving breaks for multi-billions of dollars to people that already have more than they need, why not keep the economy moving and help the small businesses they *SAY* are the backbone of America?

Because of the job situation, several of us had to go on state aid for medical help because we lost our insurance and needed, required, serious medical care (which would have been paid for by OUR insurance). So the government ends up shelling out even more than what we owed.

I will NEVER trust ANY politician, on any *side*, that spews the lie that they support small business "because they're the backbone of our country". Liars with suits and briefcases, tucked squarely into the pockets of the uber-wealthy that paid for them to be put in office.
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