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Message Subject CEOs pushing for new tax reform, dont want to pay taxes on profits from overseas, obama met with CEOs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
we need them? yes we do need them...
- to pay taxes
-to stop bribing incompetent officials in order to further their agenda i mean lobbying washington to meet the companies needs
i could go all day but im tired its 2am im sure others will add to the list
 Quoting: mrmuffins69


-stop polluting our earth
-stop trying to buy their way out of being held accountable
-stop the bullshit that "Global Warming is a Lie" to get ignorant people to fight the fight so again they are not held accountable
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3910757

-endless wars
-poisoning of food supply (GMOs), water (waste from factories, air(radiation from nuke tests, nuclear plant disasters) ever wonder why cancer rates jumped around the 40s n 50s?
-putting profit over human life...more like all life
-elimination of competition (mainly small business) through unfair business practices
 Quoting: mrmuffins69

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