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Message Subject ISRAEL PUBLICLY BLAMES IRAN FOR GAZA TERROR-Blames Iran for Arming Gaza Terror Organizations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to worldnews.nbcnews.com]
Britain’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said he believes tensions over Iran were behind the Israel-Gaza violence.

That remark – made in a radio studio when he thought he was off the air – echoes a theory that Tehran’s fingerprints are all over the current escalation of violence.

Realizing that he was actually live on air, Sacks did not elaborate on his theory but Western intelligence agencies and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) do agree that longer-range rockets being fired toward Tel Aviv are Iranian-manufactured Fajr-5 missiles.

The Fajr-5s are assembled locally after being shipped from Iran via Egypt’s Sinai region from where they are smuggled into Gaza through tunnels, the IDF says on its own public information site.

Israel believes weapons travel via Sudan – a theory underlined when it launched airstrikes on an apparent arms factory there last month, killing two people.

Two Palestinian militant groups - Islamic Jihad and Hamas - have claimed to have fired Fajr-5s. Hamas calls its rockets "Palestinian made" and does not acknowledge receiving weapons from Iran, although it does refer to Iran as a "supporter of the resistance."

A senior Iranian lawmaker has denied supplying Hamas with weapons. "We deny having delivered the Fajr-5 to the Palestinian resistance,” Allaeddine Boroujerdi, head of the Tehran parliament's foreign affairs committee said on Saturday, according to the Daily Star newspaper in Lebanon. He added that Hamas was “perfectly capable of producing the arms it needs.”

So who is telling the truth?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11705783

Mr J. Sacks blamed everybody else on the last 'cast lead operation' as well including the flotilla killings of Turkish nationals. There's always an excuse, for their mad massacre of civilians; it's everybody else's fault. This contrived supposed off the air remarks were on BBB radio, another co-opted Zionist mouth piece.
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