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Message Subject ISRAEL PUBLICLY BLAMES IRAN FOR GAZA TERROR-Blames Iran for Arming Gaza Terror Organizations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
well some one needs to help them... I have ppl in my country zny how many of them just got on a plane to go over and kill in the name of god and Gillard is pretending she know nothing... all idf soliders get the feck out of Australia and set up home with oyur wife and kids wher you fire and shoot bullets... you are not of this land you do not belong here go live where you fight in your national army..isreal poor me..me,me,me,me isreal has stolen that much greed they coulf buy an island to place their ppl on NO the chosen ppl all they have on their mind is to kill in gods name.. I feel sorry for the the ppl the dews who live in peace every day they don't wont war they must also hide and run and have no say.

forgive them father they know not what they do.
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