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Message Subject What's truly, TRULY scary . . .
Poster Handle recollector
Post Content
I hate muslims but Palestine is not a recently made up word. The word dates back to the Romans.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9020488

My american friend...Palestine was the name of a GEOGRAPHICAL region.Like Balkans.In Balkans there are like 8-9 countries.Same for Palestine, just 5 countries.

When in the last 2,500-3,000 years was a country/kingdom named Palestine? The answer is NEVER.

Was there a Kingdom of Egypt? Yep.A kingdom of Israel?.Yep yep.

Palestine was ecompasing a region between Egypt and Turkey.Now, should we dismantle : Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel to make a country named Palestine, just because it was a GEOGRAPHICAL REGION named so?

Let's just dismantle Israel only, would't that be great?

NEVER, ever, was a country or any STATAL form of Palestine.It just WASN'T ! Period.

As for Israel...yep, IT WAS !
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