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Message Subject What's truly, TRULY scary . . .
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Israel is a shit stain on humanity.

This insignificant piece of land, only made relevant by FICTIONAL religious documents has caused more conflict in the world than needed.

The developed world shouldn't have to constantly worry about protecting a country that would be just another shithole in the sand or part of a larger country if not for the constant portrayal of Israel in the Western media as some kind of victim.

P.S. No nation has a right to exist. Nations rise and fall throughout history.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27800002

If is "fictional" you're as wise as Solomon...
The "developed" world became a mass of painted, shiny garbage "praying" to the materialism and denying his faith... filled with propaganda and media crying as mules to idiot addicted to waisting time; "developed" activities for (mostly) nothing but war preparations - mass-murdering.
You would understand that at the "end of days" there will be war - who cares you understand it or not - and this is when evil forces wants to run all over the world in a final battle. Many from region can't believe or don't know and the pain is huge, both sides.
But people saying what you are posting... sorry, are the mind programmed indivifual (I agree.. from the farm) with value of helping to create more pain.
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