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Message Subject What's truly, TRULY scary . . .
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The real war is to make people take a side or become an incidental, inconsequential casualty, when taking sides means that Satan get's to put a big black smear on your soul, or trying to fly blind, without guidance, because all learning and knowlege given, is biased from the stain they accepted, and simulated love is revoked on the basis of compliance.
So the living words are drowned out and the love only fleeting from the cold meaningless void you are cast into, when some total bastard parks their fat ass in front of your outstretched hands so that anyone observing from a distance, is told that your trying to steal his wallet from his back pocket, while another probes you from behind, with 600 pound demons holding your arms and legs, and a pack of wild beasts circles, ripping off pieces of your flesh and devouring you alive.
Your spirit lives an exile in the frigid barren of an imposed purgatory, while your physical life force winds down to the absolute nothing that you are left to work with
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