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Women who went through C-sections...


User ID: 25945079
United Kingdom
11/22/2012 05:50 PM
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Re: Women who went through C-sections...
i had to have an emergency c sec with twins,it nearly killed me they didnt do it properly and i was still bleeding inside and i was rushed back down to surgery to get it sorted i had 7 units of blood, iv never been the same since,i have lots of probs with bowels,and periods, iv had other children befor this and i was fine they were all big babys and i gave birth naturaly,natural is better i was well much faster, but with the c sec im still not right and its been over 4 years since,i never had a tummy tuck either and i think it should be compulsary if youved had a c sec.

User ID: 12411641
United States
11/23/2012 04:11 PM
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Re: Women who went through C-sections...
most women i know who had a cessarian have normal looking, 'i had babies' bellies, just have a big scar on their belly, so i assumed somethign went wrong with your surgery.

there is no need to get snappy with me tho.

cesarian is a routine surgery in this day and age, granted, like with any surgery something can go wrong, but so can in any type of labour, especially the one you girls call "natural"

my eyes are just fine too, you really shouldn't worry, and i will have my babies any way i like, this is only my business and my husband's.

same goes for eastethic surgery.

much like you are free to knock yourself out with you natural living.
 Quoting: eve 28274067

You are misrepresenting caeserian sections as being something safe and what every woman should have done so they can get a tummy tuck at the same time. C-Sections are a major surgery and present a whole slew of dangers that would be entirely avoided through natural delivery. Why would I let someone give such ill advise when my experience with two C-sections has been very contrary to what you report? I'm more interested in making sure that women are aware of the dangers of the surgery itself so they can make a better, more informed decision instead of "gee, I can get a tummy tuck".

Things go wrong in surgeries. That's a fact.
 Quoting: ArmchairObserver

u r annoying.

i cannot misrepresent anything, since i never claimed to have had a cesarian, or to be a medical professional.

i gave my opinion and you gave your experiance.
i tried to be nice to you, you got a little snappy with me....

in any case,

things go wrong with givng birth through vaginal canal all the time, that is why doctor invented cesarian in the first place.

women die in labor even to this day, jsut like people die during surgery.

i think you have some underlined control issues you gotta work on.
 Quoting: eve 28274067

So you were speaking based on zero experience and voicing an opinion on a major surgery as if it is somehow beneficial. If you hadn't noted by this thread, the persistent theme for the women who had c-sections was that they were for when things went wrong. That's what they are for and their usage is to prevent death from vaginal birth. The very fact that there is also a significant chance of death or complication from the surgery itself should be an indicator that it's not something to be taken lightly--which is precisely what you were doing.

Thanks for clarifying about your ignorance of the subject.