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Message Subject Identifying Different Psychopaths
Poster Handle mk ultra
Post Content
good video, OP.

I had the unfortunate encounter with the "secondary psychopath" once that I knew from childhood and then reconnected again later in life on FB. the only reason I am not living fear like I once was is because he made the mistake of telling quite a few mutual friends that he and I were meant to be together - which we never will be, as I am not the least bit interested in him.

So at least if anything was to happen to me, many people would know that he was spewing lies about a potential relationship between us and I made sure to tell certain people his name and what he was doing just in case he went bat shit crazy when he realized i was never going to date him. He is delusional and in need of help, but he has told so many lies to so many people he can no longer see the truth, that he needs serious counseling and treatment.

Secondary psychos are truly the scariest ones, because they can be so believable.
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