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Message Subject 9.8 Earthquake, Yellowstone Within 72 Hours.
Poster Handle RayGun
Post Content

We own the usa you retarded idiot, ask your doctor to up your medication to a higher dose you prick because it's obvious to me from what you have said is that you need a higher dose to come out with 9.8 earthquake withing 72 hrs sheeesh just goes to prove how nutty you stupid american are.
Did you make the story up all by yourself or did your mommy help you lol go and vote for a muzzie you pricks your the laughing stock of the world after putting that black cock sucking queer muzzi in again and it seems some people never learn you bunch of retarded mongols.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28134010

actually Rome does thru your queen who is dead and there are lookalikes being used.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

Candice, do you have a link? Why did you come back? This is the kind of BS post that you could do less of.
 Quoting: RayGun

Look dick head, you can prove she isn't here by making a carefull study of google images. There are at least 3 queens.

They do NOT publicly announce such stuff until they wish to do so and then carry on the big funeral. So there is no link. What the fuck makes YOU think everything is on the Internet? I do not make any BS posts. I am quite serious. I did obtain some on the ground potential proof of what I was told by thru messages others sent to me about the lack of being able to get attention of the queen. The information was given to me by David Righter, who is an INCARNATE financial manager from Orvonton and completely above reproach. He has ways to know these things.

As to ground crew people nobody gets formal answers from the queen anymore, and the papers sent out with her signatures are fraudulent signatures not of record. Now that just prove that she is not active, even if still alive.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

So what the fuck does that have to to with a EQ in Yellowstone. Its off topic and completely irrelevant. I could give a flying fuck about the Queen. If I want to read the queen is dead post I'll click on that thread. Just so you know your post was total BS. kissup
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