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Message Subject UK TV Police Go Door To Door & Harrass Citizens! Watch How This Pissed Off Brit Anwers His Door & Makes Them Run AWAY!! VIDEO !! LoLz
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I might be doing away with my TV licence soon as i don't watch live television at all. Hell i might even ditch the TV completely and make do with a 30 inch computer screen, my laptop and ipad for netflix etc. I might even buy a projector for movies.

It will be funny if these guys call round. Because i wouldnt even have a TV at all.

The only thing i watch live is the NEWS Channels, but i could just use the internet for that as the feeds for Russia Today, Al Jazeera and Sky News are not part of the licensing cost. I don't listen to BBC radio as all the music they play is SHIT.

I would basically have to give up watching BBC News to save £145.50 a year which is the only thing i actually watch anyway.

I think i will consider this once christmas is out of the way.
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