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Message Subject UK TV Police Go Door To Door & Harrass Citizens! Watch How This Pissed Off Brit Anwers His Door & Makes Them Run AWAY!! VIDEO !! LoLz
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most of the scummy gits who dont have a license live on council estates and smoke....3.00 a week roughly for TV license which their parents paid when they were kids so they could watch TV without getting harrassed , we all know what we have to pay so why moan?? , just pay your bills and grow the fuck up people or try living off the grid if you dont want to be part of society....its not as easy as it looks.....government in UK isn't the best in the world BUT no one needs to starve here......
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26448516

If im actually not watching TV though why should i pay?

I have the news on in the background when im at home thats it, i watch netflix and play dvds and blu rays.

Why do i even need a TV? never mind a license, ill be saving almost 150 pounds a year.

TOP GEAR and HIGNFY are the only things i ever watch on the BBC and even then i dont keep up with them.. I forget to watch them for months at a time.

I can stream them on Iplayer a couple of days later and not pay anything because im not watching them live.
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