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Message Subject BREAKING: HARRY FEAR feared dead.. no news from his twitter or stream for last 12 hours
Poster Handle dontfearthetruth
Post Content
If your bashing harry it's most likely because A. your jewish B. your christian C. your a moron that doesn't know how to research history by cross referencing multiple sources. harry is a truth seeker and your all just sheep being led to slaughter. If you truly believe the united states of israel and all the other countries who back this zionist agenda are right in murdering civilians for religion well you basically think we should be fighting ancient Rome. How is it ok to starve people in the name of a jewish state? The U.S. and the rest of this world have been treating these people like dogs and expect zero blow back LOLz. We are all people of god quit buying into this crazy propaganda that every muslim wants to kill you LOLz. In arabic the word muslim means submit to god. Why would they call jesus a muslim if they didn't respect beliefs from other angels?yoda
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