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Message Subject Can We Be In the Tribulation Already?
Poster Handle ceawaves
Post Content
So why didn't you answer the question???
 Quoting: ceawaves

I DID answer it, in my first comment: "What is going on in the world is "birth pangs", but the "birth" (the 7-year treaty) has not happened yet, so we are not in the Tribulation already."

What I meant was it was not a widely held belief until the last 100 or more years. What pre-tribbers actually say? What does the Bible actually say?
There's nothing about any Rapture in scripture..And unlike yourself I'm not the one basing a whole beleif on one word. Also there's no hate on or for the "pre-trib Rapture" belief. Actually it's much easier (imo) to believe in the Rapture. Just don't see any real firm or clear foundation actually based on it.
 Quoting: ceawaves

Not true, and if you don't care what pre-tribbers actually say, then STOP spreading lies about them!

We pre-tribbers ONLY get our belief from the Bible. Yes, it's in there; see the link I gave earlier. And since you can't be bothered to read what I believe, you have no right to claim that I "base my whole belief on one word". This double standard of yours is making it impossible to discuss the topic rationally.
 Quoting: Keep2theCode

Double standard? What?
You're the one who appears to be making it impossible to disuses the topic in a ration manner, you're the one being so defensive, not me..
And am i clear on this? I have no right to claim you base your whole belief on one word.. but you already based and claimed my belief (which you don't even know) on a word that i never even used????.. you assume way to much..I checked the link you posted appears to be one man's rambling thoughts. Where is it? in the Bible? Have an online Bible will be no problem looking up verses.
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