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Message Subject Ladies who appreciate poetry? Think my GF will like this poem I wrote her?
Poster Handle MALACHI
Post Content
and my bad if I offended you, to tell the truth I only read like 2 lines out of that

but as soon as I saw love I said "oh it's one of those poems."

i'm sure it's actually alright I just don't really like the subject matter
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28097479

Okay, well when someone pours all their heart, all their soul and the very core of their being into something USUALLY the non-asshole thing to do would be to NOT insult them calling their work 'shitty' or implying they are some two-bit hack 'wannabe' musician. Just for future reference. You seem like the type that cringes and scowls at couples who hold hands in public.
 Quoting: MALACHI 27724247

I might be kind of irritable cuz I haven't had a cigarette in a while, but...

pouring your heart into something doesn't automatically make it good, it just makes it full of effort and good intentions

and maybe that was an asshole move on my part, but sometimes that's what a lot of people need in there lives...

when you have a bunch of people telling you something is black when it's really white you'll go no where in life because you're seeing an illusion.

but what I am even talking about, this is poetry right?

and just to let you know, i'm not the type that cringes and scowls at couples in public, I'm the type that cringes and scowls at bullshit.

as in, oh look at that tool, she's acting all nice and holding his hand and treating him good because she needs a ride home and some money to go shopping.

bullshit is what I scowl at
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28097479

I'm sure there's a lot of illusions you might see with your head lodged so firmly up your ass.
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